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Hi my name is Rob, and thank you for visiting my companies website, the home of Brisbane's No.1 Driving School.  I am an accredited Keys2Drive instructor.  Keys2drive provides a different approach to learning to drive – a coaching method called ‘find your own way’ which encourages the learner driver to make their own decisions rather than always being told what to do. This technique assists a learner driver to become P plate ready. Over time, this approach will create a new culture of safer driving.  To learn more, please visit the Keys2Drive website at www.keys2drive.com.au.


I am the primary trainer of QSM, I have been driving since I was 17 years old. I have, up until very recently been a serving Police Officer, a career that spanned nearly 14 years in two continents. I have been trained by both the British and New Zealand Police in advanced vehicle control, advanced driving techniques and hazard perception. Knowledge and skills that will be passed on to my students to keep them safe on the roads.


Whilst working in New Zealand, I was a Forensic Photographer, much of my work was spent at crash sites, investigating road collisions with the serious crash unit. As such, I have extensive knowledge into the common causes of crash, and steps we can take to reduce the risk on crash, again, knowledge and advice I will pass on to my students to help keep them safe for years to come.

I have been awarded a bravery commendation by the West Midlands Police in England for tackling and arresting a violent armed offender, despite being un-armed myself. I have also been awarded a District Commanders Commendation in New Zealand for saving a gentleman's life using CPR.

I have also done some crazy stuff in my life, one being a 1000km 'Scoot to Christchurch' with my mate Nate Whitley raising almost $10,000 for the Red Cross Earthquake Appeal. Both of us travelled the length of the East Coast of New Zealand from Gisborne to Christchurch on two push along scooters........a great way to sight see, loose a few pounds and raise some much needed money for a great charity.


Oh yes, I forgot to mention, I am also a qualified Police Negotiator..........so I have patience too!!!

I look forward to meeting you very soon, in the meantime, if you have any questions you would like to ask me, do not hesitate to email or phone.

Kind Regards



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