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Our training is like our cars, professional, fun, fresh, vibrant and most of all exciting!! The training we provide is the best that you will find, we use both new technology (Ipads etc), and old school techniques to teach our students, coupled with great customer service, highly competitive pricing and the best payment options offered by any driving school......why would you need another school?

We are by far the most friendly driving school out there, we go the extra mile to make our students feel settled and relaxed behind the wheel, and when you phone, you get straight through to your instructor, NOT a call centre or admin staff....plus, we email students their competence sheets after every lesson, so they can see the progress they are making, as well as their parents or guardians.


Learner Training

Our complete training for learner drivers is based upon 10 hours of training.  Its worth 30 hours in the log book, and ideally will be taken throughout the year (i.e not in 10 weeks).  Lessons can be taken in 1, 1.5 or 2 hour sessions, its your choice, most often, people like an hours tuition, then practice what has been taught before their next lesson.

The training program follows a pre-planned course of lessons, with the scope to fine tune areas which the student is struggling in towards test day.  The course covers every competence required to fulfil the Queensland Transport and Main Roads test, as well as teaching road safety techniques to keep them safe on their 'P' plates.

The tutor will discuss with the student how the learning is going, and give practice tasks in between lessons for the student to concentrate on with parents/friends etc, it will normally be based on that weeks lesson, but definitely what has already been taught.

We also offer a 5 hour course, which is more suited to those moving driving school, or those who are near to taking there test. The course will generally be tailored made to suit the students needs and requirements.

We also cater for people who want to upgrade there Auto licence to a Manual licence, this course is structured around your own competence and abilities.


Confidence Courses

Confidence is a big deal in driving, too little can be just as dangerous as too much. Everyone looses confidence some time in there driving life, be it through other road users intimidating them into mistakes, after being involved in collisions, or other life experiences. We are here to help build your confidence back up to where you need it through some of our great courses.

New to Australia?  Some of the road rules are different to that found in other areas of the world, a quick 2 hour lesson will give you all you need to stay safe on our roads!

Recently got your 'P' plates? Been out on the open road by yourself, but lost some confidence due to other road users? Don't panic, give us a call. We will discuss what has gone wrong, and get your confidence back up to where it was in a couple of hours, not a problem.

Got a new job in the heart of the city? Not very confident driving in rush hour morning and night? Want to take some dummy runs in a car where the passenger is cool, calm and collected (and offers some really good advice) give us a call. Need more experience in both motorway or night driving (or both!), not a problem, lets do it! Times and days to suit you, with no premium for Saturday or Sunday, book now!

We can also tailor lessons to suit any part of driving you have lost your confidence in, don't struggle through and get more and more worried, as generally, a less positive driver is more susceptible to being involved in collisions. Get the boost you need from Queensland School of Motoring.


Specialist Lessons

We are currently in the process of designing our very own defensive driving course.  Full details will be published once the package is rolled out.



Payment Policy - Payments can be made in a few ways.  You can either pay for your course or lessons in full on-line, with the instructor prior to commencing the lesson using Eftpos/Visa/Mastercard or in cash.  If you purchase either our 5 or 10 lesson + test package, these can be paid in full at the time of purchase, or on our payment plan for just $25.00 per week.

Payment plan billing is via 'Stripe' using Visa/Mastercard/AMEX/Diners Club card.  Every two weeks $50.00 will be charged to your credit or debit card unitl your package is paid in full, at each billing point you will be credited with 60mins of driving tuition and a unique code to make a booking on our online scheduling page.  If you do not make a booking, the time rolls over (i.e if you do not take a lesson, the next billing cycle will allow 2hrs of lessons to be booked).  Once the package has been paid in full, any unused lesson time can be booked at your pleasure, knowing there are no expiry dates.  At any point during the billing period, you are entitled to cancel your subscription with no exit fees.

Refund Policy - If you cancel a pre-paid lesson or pre-paid block package with more than 24 hours notice, a full refund less 10% administration fee will be granted (as block bookings attract a discounted lesson rate, any lessons taken will be charged at the full 1 hour lesson price).  The refund will be paid via bank deposit to the persons bank account who has purchased the course.  No refunds will be made in cash.

Cancellation Policy - 24 hours notice is required for cancellation/movement of lessons to another time/day.  If less than 24 hours notice is given, it is at the discretion of QSM to charge a $25 fee for inconvenience and re-scheduling.  If your usual instructor has to cancel for any reason, we will endeavour to find a replacement QSM instructor to furnish the lesson.

Gift Vouchers - Gift vouchers are supplied by QSM if you intend to buy our products for gifts.  Any product bought for a gift, will have to be paid in full at the time of purchase.  Gift vouchers will be made out to the intended recipient of the gift, and are only transferrable at the discretion of QSM and in-conjunction with the purchasers wishes.